About Us

"A Need for Quantity never surpassed our need for Quality..." 

Middlesex Screw Company, Inc., was founded in 1974, and over the
years has manufactured parts for a wide variety of industries, from
automotive to medical. 

The company was built upon the philosophy that we must continually
provide a commitment to quality in the manufacturing of products
while offering our customers competitive prices.


Quality Assurance

We have a complete inspection department that will meet your
requirements.  We are fully capable of handling your SPC needs.
Our equipment is regularly calibrated to ensure quality, and we
always monitor the close tolerances set by our customers while
maintaining an acceptable Cpk.

Our internal procedure manual is updated regularly to ensure we
do the best job in providing our customers with the highest
quality parts possible without jeopardizing safety. 

Our Quality Manual is available to our customers upon request. 
Our standards meet and often exceed the standards set fourth
by our customers.  Quality production is the goal of the company,
and customer satisfaction always comes first.


All raw material is traceable and certification is always available
upon request.


We have over forty-five years of experience in the screw machine
industry.  We are capable of running many parts that are usually
run on Swiss machines.  We work with aluminum, brass and many
steel alloys. 


We have 16 oversized Davenport Screw Machines, 2 Brown & Sharpe
Lathes, and 1 Brown & Sharpe Surface grinder.